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A Seraphim Squad

Seraphim are Sisters of Battle who are trained in using jump packs. They have the ability to fire two Bolt Pistols simultaneously making them experts at close combat. Seraphim Squads are deployed as a fast attack squad with the Sisters of Battle. The squad can be accompanied by a Sister Superior. Occasionally Seraphim carry a pair of Hand Flamers (a hand-held version of the regular Flamer) or Inferno Pistols.[1]

Flamewing Seraphim

In the Order of the Sacred Rose, elite Seraphims are formed into squadrons called Flamewings. They are renowned throughout the Order of the Sacred Rose for their agile grace and never losing their accuracy while moving on the field of battle. If the need arises they can be requisitioned into serving in a Canoness' personal retinue.[2]

Notable Seraphim


A Seraphim Squad with Sister Superior