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Sevrin Loth

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Sevrin Loth is the current Magister, or Chief Librarian, of the Red Scorpions.[1]


Sevrin Loth is one of the most potent battle-psykers in his Chapter's history. Across all of the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes there are few able to match let alone exceed his destructive power on the battlefield.[1]

Sevrin Loth was born to the family of a feudal warlord on a frontier world deep in the Ordon Rift and offered up to the Red Scorpions not long after his birth. It was during this time as a young neophyte taken by the Red Scorpions that his psychic potential unexpectedly manifested when, on the training grounds, his focused anger and fighting spirit alone proved able to shatter the bones of his sparring partners without laying so much as a blade-point on them. Sevrin Loth's progression through his Chapter's rank was marred only by a barely controlled battle-lust that eventually tempered into restraint and wisdom with age and experience. However, uncommonly for a Librarian, he still favoured spending time matching his martial skills against his fellow battle-brothers rather than being locked away meditating over arcane secrets. This, along with his raw power as a psyker, has long earned him a reputation as a relentless fighter in battle, and one who takes no greater delight than hacking down enemy sorcerers and witches in personal combat.[1]

At the time of the Badab War's beginning, Sevrin Loth was a veteran of centuries of battle, and already served as Magister to two Lord Commanders of his Chapter, and further added to his legend by leading the mission to recover Lord Commander Verant Ortys's body following The Betrayal at Grief. With the ascension of Carab Culln to the rank of Lord Commander, Sevrin Loth became his closest adviser and most trusted field commander, fighting on the front lines of the second battle of Sagan and the Conquest of Piraeus.[1]


In combat, Sevrin Loth wears The Armour of Selket, a suit of Artificer Armour which incorporates a Psychic Hood. Loth's weapons include a Force Axe, a bolt pistol, and Frag and Krak Grenades.[1]


Sevrin Loth Miniature[2]