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Shaidan is a Librarian of the Mantis Warriors Chapter's Second Company and member of Brother Captain Aupin's Command Squad. He carried an unusual double-bladed Force Staff which had a bayonet style blade, called a Mantis Staff. This Force Staff was said to have been forged in the long-forgotten fires of Badab Prime.[2]

During the Badab War, the Mantis Warriors sided with the renegade Astral Claws. It was during the final stage of the Fall of Badab that Shaidan, assigned to liase with a detachment of Astral Claws on one of Badab's moons, saw that they had removed the Aquilae from their power armour, signalling that they were no longer fighting for the greater good of the Imperium, as Lufgt Huron had claimed to the Mantis Warriors' Chapter Master.[1]

Shaidan communicated this heresy to Captain Maetrus, who ordered his ship's guns turned onto the Astral Claws' fleet, signalling his change of loyalties to Chapter Master Neotera.[1]

On Herodian IV Shaidan saved a Deathwatch Kill Team from a Tyranid ambush, by jumping out of a Mantis Warrior Thunderhawk during their retreat and assisting in the Deathwatch's extraction. His Chapter had been dismissed from battle as not being required, but he could not stand by and watch his fellow marines die.[2]

Later he commented that, in the last one hundred years, not one member of the Mantis Warriors had joined the Deathwatch. He suspects that this is due to his chapter's heretical history and that the Inquisition doesn't trust them enough.[2]

After Quirion Octavius of the Imperial Fists saw Shaidan in action, he requested that he and two other Mantis Warriors (Assault Marine Sergeant Soron and Devastator Marine Ruinus) replace the lost members of his Kill Team. However they would only be seconded to his Kill Team and we're not full inducted into the Deathwatch. Keeping their original Chapter colours and wearing no iconography of the Inquisition or the Deathwatch[2]