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Shiban Khan

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Shiban Khan was a member of the White Scars during the Great Crusade and early days of the Horus Heresy. Shiban was born Tamu in the Talskar region of Chogoris, hailing from the same tribe as the Great Khan himself. Upon initiation into the Legion, Tamu changed his name to Shiban.[1]

Becoming a Khan of the Brotherhood of the Storm of the Legion, Shiban was fiercely loyal to his Primarch Jaghatai Khan. During the Heresy while their Primarch was on Prospero, Shiban discovered a plot by elements of the White Scars led by his friend and frequent brother-in-arms Torghun Khan and Hasik Noyan-Khan to take control of the Legion's fleet and ally with Warmaster Horus. He led his Brotherhood of the Storm aboard the Swordstorm to stop the conspirators from linking up with the Death Guard, buying enough time for Jaghatai to make it back to his ship.[1]

Four years after the events on Prospero, much of Shiban's body was replaced by mechanical parts due to the vicious war of attrition, including his forearms, calves, thighs, and neck, which he dubbed the "Shackles." His men referred to him as "Tachseer" ("Restorer"), and he took many who were loyal from the rebellious brotherhoods under his own command. Shiban was changed over these years, becoming bitter, violent, and losing his signature laughter.[2] His reunion with Torghun Khan during the Scars rendezvous at Dark Glass went poorly when he condemned his former brother as a traitor and attempted to use him as cannon fodder against traitor forces. During the subsequent Battle of Catallus, Torghun was defeated by the Emperor's Children Palatine Blades prefector Ravasch Cario but as the traitor was about to deliver the killing blow, he was overcome by his own Daemonic corruption. The moment gave Shiban the opening he needed to slay the Prefector.[2a]