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Shulok-ahk-alim-neg was a former Iron Warrior before he was critically injurred and interred within a Chaos Dreadnought. Now driven insane by his imprisonment, he howls non-stop and follows whoever currently holds his leash.[1]

His name translates as "He Howls Without End."[1]


When Shulok's Chapter rebelled during the Horus Heresy he joined his Battle Brothers in turning against the Emperor. Though they were defeated, Shulok consoled himself with the thought they dealt a crippling blow to the Imperium. When the Imperium didn't die as he thought it would, but instead prospered and grew stronger Shulok grew angry and joined his Brothers in trying to destroy it in a piecemeal fashion. It was during one of these incursions into the Imperium that Shulok would meet his end, as he grappled with a Crimson Fist Space Marine who managed to shoot the Iron Warrior point blank with his bolter. Instead of death, he awoke to a fate for worse as he found himself imprisoned within a Chaos Dreadnought. Crying out in anguish at his betrayal by his brothers he pleaded with them to release him or grant him death. The Warsmith who led Shulok's warband refused and the Chaos Dreadnought began to howl his pain and frustration non stop ever since. His former comrades who betrayed him, were later killed in a battle Shulok could barely remember and over the course of thousands of years he had been passed from warband to warband, traded like chattel or captured as part of the spoils of war.[1]

Eventually, the current warband holding his leash brought Shulok to the planet Tephra VII, where the forces of Chaos had overthrown the Imperium's rule. Knowing the Imperium would retaliate, Shulok's warband stationed him in the power station the Ignis Mons, situated in a volcanic wasteland, which provided power to the void shields of the capital city, Choldis. The majority of the Chaos forces on Tephra VII, were located on Choldis and when the Imperium arrived on the planet it was their main focus of their attack. Though his long imprisonment within the Chaos Dreadnought had driven him insane, Shulok still drew pleasure from killing loyal Space Marines; something he did with relish when he encountered Sergeant Kergis and his small White Scars strikeforce, as they tried to destroy the power station. Though Shulok killed a few of the White Scars, he met his final end during the battle when Kergis planted explosives near the feet of the Chaos Dreadnought and leapt clear. The resulting explosion caused the ground underneath him to collapse, which sent Shulok plunging, still howling, into the lava stream below.[1]