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Siege of Derondii

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The Siege of Derondii occurred in 936.M41, when the rebellious Hive World of Derondii refused to pay its tithe to the Imperium. Several Imperial officials sent to investigate this turn of events were hanged by an angry mob. Reacting swiftly to this defiance, the Adeptus Terra deployed Regiments from the Death Korps of Krieg of the Imperial Guard.[1]

Krieg soldiers deployed in the towering mountains that overlook the primary Hive. Several artillery and siege companies begin to bombard the city spires and both rebels and inhabitants were mercilessly gunned down as they tred to break out from the besieged city. After five years of relentless shelling, the rebels offered their unconditional surrender to the Imperium; they were ignored, and the shelling continued for another five years. All signs of life in the hive ceased after just three, but the bombardment still continued for another two years.[1]

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