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Skopios Incident

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Skopios was a small planetoid in interstellar space approximately one week's warp travel from Elysia, used by the Adeptus Mechanicus as a containment facility for dangerous experimentation. In 873.M38, an alien Space Hulk was discovered by the Explorator ship, the Incalculus Stellar, and towed to the Skopios facility.

When a routine patrol by the Imperial Navy reported no contact with the Skopios base, the 22nd Elysian Drop Troops Regiment was sent to investigate.

Upon arrival, the commander of the 22nd, Colonel Prinz, deployed several recon companies along with naval observers to go aboard and examine the facility. At first the facility seemed deserted, but as the recon teams penetrated deeper into the facilities, fighting broke out, but each time the enemy skirmished and retreated, giving Prinz no clear picture of the nature of the threat he and his men faced. Based on the information available to him, Colonel Prinz placed his whole command on full drop alert.

Captain Shultz of the 3rd Recon company called in the first real intelligence. The automated production facilities of the base had been transformed beyond recognition by agents unknown and were now manufacturing skeletal metal warriors.

Colonel Prinz, responding to warnings from the fleet astropaths ordered the drop of his entire regiment onto Skopios with orders to cleanse and burn the facility.

Skopios has since been declared Purgatus.