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Sloppity Bilepiper

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Sloppity Bilepiper

Sloppity Bilepipers are a type of Herald of Nurgle that perfectly sum up the repugnant jollity of the Plague God. Armed with a set of jolly gutpipes and a marotter (crafted from the remains of a previous Sloppity Bilepiper), these Heralds are the victims and carriers of the Chortling Murrain, a disease that causes its victims to laugh themselves to death. Sloppity Bilepipers cavort and joke with Nurglings, Great Unclean Ones and Beasts of Nurgle (but not Plaguebearers, who lack a sense of humour) and their appearance on the battlefield strikes horror into the hearts of their mortal foes.[1]

Notable Sloppity Bilepipers

Gurglax — Leader of Dirge Tollers. Contains of Seven Plaguebearer packs and four Nurgling packs. The Dirge Tollers devastated the Ultramar Defence Forces, Gurglax’s mirth attracting a horde of capering Nurglings to his aid.[2]