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Sly Marbo

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Marbo springing a trap on a Tau convoy.[1]

Sly Marbo, the 'One Man Army', is a Catachan guardsman. Feared by the enemies of the Imperium for sniping skills that would rival a Vindicare Assassin and survival skills greater than most Space Marines. He has been known to take on entire enemy forces, striking fear into any who threaten Catachan and the Imperium[1][2]


Sly Marbo

As a Catachan native, the jungle is his element, and he is capable of taking on entire enemy forces through his innate skill at jungle and guerrilla warfare. He strikes from seemingly nowhere and disappears back into the dense jungle. He is famous for his excellent sniping skills and is considered to be one of the deadliest Humans in existence. It is not known whether or not the "Sly" part of his name is an earned name as per Catachan tradition, or a given one. [1][3a]

Mysterious and aloof, little is known about Marbo's origins and most of what is said remains speculation. His fellow Jungle Fighters compare him to that of a small Ork size-wise, his sheer bulk almost inhuman, with two dead, white eyes that are both cold and distant, unfocused and lethal.[1][3b][4]

It is said that he was one of ten brothers inducted into the Catchan XII Regiment during fighting against Waaagh! Urgok on Ryza, where they were all killed. However, tales of a Guardsman returning two weeks later with the head of the Warboss began to surface. Since then, the myth of Private Marbo has become legendary. On Pardus, it is said that he destroyed an enemy armored convoy by booby-trapping an entire ravine while on Bask's World he captured a command post single-handed, slaying the alien leader and all of its tentacled bodyguards. It is said that during the Octavius War Marbo hunted Lictors for sport. Marbo has a collection of medals that would rival a Warmaster, having been awarded the Star of Terra multiple times for his legendary exploits.[1][4]

Both inside and outside of battle Guardsman Marbo is a loner. He has a hard time sympathizing with others, feeling nothing for the suffering of the common people of the Imperium. He prefers to work alone, seeing fellow troopers helping out as needless at best, a liability at worst. He instead sticks to the darkness at all times, even when he is receiving orders from friendly forces. He is utterly silent and acknowledges orders with but a slight nod before vanishing once more to find the enemy. Marbo is a patient hunter, and will wait in an ambush position for as long as it takes. He is the master of blending into his surroundings and covering any trace of his whereabouts. His fellow Jungle Fighters are well aware of this fact, knowing that if Sly Marbo does not want to be seen or heard, he isn't— sometimes not even by those of who know he’s around.[1][3a][4]

Many Catachan Jungle Fighters hold Sly Marbo in very high regard. At times, Marbo will track a group of Jungle Fighters and help them out at critical junctures. Having the legendary Sly Marbo watching their backs is considered an honour by those he chooses to follow.[3a]


Marbo's characteristic weapon is the ripper pistol, a weapon firing toxic, armour-piercing rounds. For a melee weapon he carries the Envenomed Blade, a unique Catachan knife, the blade of which is coated in deadly venom.[1]


Sly Marbo miniature
Sly Marbo miniature (8th Edition)


Sly Marbo is originally based on the protagonist of the movie First Blood, John Rambo, Marbo is in fact the anagram of Rambo and Sly is the nickname of Sylvester Stallone, the actor who plays Rambo.[1]