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Soifa was a Canoness in the Sisters of Battle, who took part in the 13th Black Crusade and was later chosen to aid the Inquisitor Lord Karamazov during the Crusade; by leading a strike force of her Sisters, as Karamazov hunted down the Space Wolves' 13th Great Company. The 13th Company had drawn the Inquisitor's suspicion and eventually his ire, for their sudden appearance in the Crusade as well as wearing pieces of salvaged Chaos Power Armour and especially for having Heretical Rune Priests amongst their number. So when Karamazov found a force from the 13th Company, led by the Wolf Lord Hjalmar Stormfist, which contained a Rune Priest, he gave the order to attack in order to bring the Heretics to the Emperor's Justice. In the battle that followed, Soifa led her Sisters against the Space Wolves[1a] and later clashed with the Rune Priest Leif Hemligjaga. However, despite her skills, she was no match for Leif's psychic powers and was killed by the Rune Priest.[1b]