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Bray'arth Ashmantle

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Formerly the Captain of the 4th Company of the Salamanders, Sokhar Bray'arth fell to wounds sustained cleansing the moons of Ymgarl of Genestealer taint. His years of service showed him to be an unforgiving and merciless warrior, but unflagging in his purpose and filled with zeal. Though he clashed many times with Chapter's master over tactics and doctrine, his actions had earned him the privilege to be interred within a Dreadnought chassis.[1]

In 755.M41, Bray'arth was placed within the Iron Dragon, a relic of the Salamanders said to have been forged by Vulkan himself. An ancient and powerful machine, only those with the strongest will and greatest sense of individuality could master the sarcophagus without being overcome by its machine spirit and perishing in the attempt.[1]

Bray'arth's internment within the Iron Dragon was a long and difficult choice for the Lords of the Promethean Cult but dire omens eventually saw it done. In honour of Bray'arth's battle with a horde of Ymgarl-strain Genestealers, shoulder armour of Iron Dragon was decorated with detailed bas-relief of this death duel.[1]

It was during Bray'arth's first campaign within the Iron Dragon that he earned the the name of Ashmantle. Fighting the Black Legion and abhuman rebels in the Casvsarae Insurrection, he pursued the fleeing enemy into the sub-city network and disappeared under the city for nine days. All thought him lost until he smashed his way clear of the duct workings so covered in soot and ash that every inch of his armored form was obscured. It is after that episode he became known as Ashmantle.[1]

He was reluctantly awoken once more by Pellas Mir'san to participate in the Badab War.[1]


Bray'arth Ashmantle Miniature Forgeworld[2]