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Solaro An

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Solaro An was the Commander of the Hawks in the Raven Guard legion during the Horus Heresy and fought at the Dropsite Massacre.


Of all the Commanders of the Raven Guard, Solaro was the youngest, only being a child when Deliverance was freed by Corax. Sometime before the Horus Heresy, Solaro was given command of the Hawks,and led them with Corax to fight at Isstvan V.

Of the main Commanders, Agapito, Aloni, and himself were chosen to accompany their Primarch to quell Horus's rebellion. He is shown to have survived the destruction at the Dropsite. Afterwards, Solaro continues to help the legion rebuild and is the first to suggest the Raptor's first engagement at Cruciax. He is noted to have not been able to smell The Taint on Word Bearer Chaplain Kohora but at the moment, it was a Alpha Legionnaire disguised as him so it is unknown if he could actually sense it or not.

Solaro was killed at the Dropsite Massacre and his face was grafted on to an Alpha Legion operative who infiltrated the Raven Guard with a few others to destroy the legion for good.


Solaro is described as pale as his Primarch, Corax. He is also said to have a sharp nose and a constant movement to him. Not much of Solaro's real personality is known due to the fact that he isn't mentioned much before the Dropsite Massacre where he was slain.