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Sons of Vengeance

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The Sons of Vengeance are a Chaos Space Marine Warband.[1a]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Sons of Vengeance Marine.jpg
- Sons of Vengeance -
Chaos dedication: Unknown
Colours: Dark Blue and Red stippling with Red helmet and Silver trim[1b]
Strength: Unknown
Sons of Vengeance badge.jpg


The Sons of Vengeance fought for the Imperium of Man during the first part of the Obscuran Uprisings in late M34. But after the destruction of the Free Council of Hannedra II they became drunk with power. They crushed the rebellion in the name of the Emperor but proceeded to loot and slaughter indiscriminately. They further took their campaign to the neighbouring system of Laskaria. By the time the Lords of Terra responded, the Sons and Silver Guards had fractured into dozens of warbands and turned fourteen star systems into their savage battleground as the spilt each other's blood in a savage war for dominance.[1a]

Their last known location was Cadia, during the 13th Black Crusade.[1b]

Known Members

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