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Soron was an Assault Marine Sergeant from the Second Company of the Mantis Warriors. During the Tyranid invasion of Herodian IV he was seconded to the Deathwatch Kill Team lead by Quirion Octavius.

During a Drop Pod incursion the Kill Team was attacked by a Harridan, where Soron single-handedly killed the creature by propelling himself into its head with his Chainsword and Jump Pack, destroying both in the process. He was killed seconds later when Gargoyles grabbed him, pulling him up into the air and ripped him to shreds.

Even though Soron and his two Mantis Warrior companions Shaidan and Ruinus were not inducted into the Deathwatch prior to their Mission to Herodian IV, Quirion Octavius gave the full Deathwatch honours after their valiant deaths. This lifted the hundred year unspoken Inquisitorial ban against the Mantis Warriors joining the Deathwatch.