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Space Marine Equipment (List)

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This is a list of the Equipment and Wargear available to most Space Marine Chapters. Note, this list does not include Chapter-specific items or character-specific items.

  • NOTE - this list does not include Chapter-specific or Character-specific wargear.

General Wargear

General Wargear
Name Notes
Cameleoline Tarpaulin
Carnifex Apothecary tool
Company Banner
Familiar Librarian Follower
Infiltriol Enamel
Jamming Beacon
Jump Pack
Locator Beacon Usually carried by Scout Bike Squads
Luminator Signal Flare Capsules
Narthecium Apothecary tool
Photon Beam Searchlight
Psychic Hood Librarian equipment
Purity Seals
Reductor Apothecary tool
Rosarius Usually worn by Chaplains
Servo-arm Equipped on Techmarines
Servo-harness Equipped on Master of the Forges
Stalker Flares
Teleport Homer
Terminator Honours


Name Notes
Armour of Alacrity
Artificer Armour
Boarding Shield
Carapace Armour
Centurion Armour
Combat Shield
Power Armor
Siege Shield
Storm Shield
Terminator Armour

Relics and Artefacts

Relics and Artefacts
Name Notes
Adamantine Mantle
Armour Indomitus
Chapter Banner
Holy Relic
Iron Halo
Sacred Standard
Shield Eternal
Standard of the Emperor Ascendant

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