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Spear of Telesto

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Arkio holding the Spear of Telesto on Sabien.
This page contains spoilers for: Blood Angels (Novel Series)

The Spear of Telesto was a weapon wielded by Blood Angels Primarch Sanguinius during the Great Crusade.

He was shown using it against the Slaughter-Lord Morroga on the Tapestries of Riga which hang in the fortress-monastery on Baal. Its blade is shaped like an elongated tear with a hollow in the centre to represent the single drop of blood Sanguinius shed when he swore fealty to the Emperor. The haft is sculpted to show the primarch as a hooded angel of blood and beneath that is a Purity Seal handwritten by the Emperor.

In combat, the spear can emit a blast of energy which vapourises anyone who doesn't have the blood of Sanguinius in his veins.

It was originally thought to have been lost during the Horus Heresy but the Blood Angel's Battle Barge Bellus was sent to recover it following the discovery of documents relating to its whereabouts on Evangelion. The weapon was found among the ork-held systems on the borders of the Segmentum Obscurus by a team led by Inquisitor Ramius Stele.