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"Blackblade" Wood to Achellus
Achernar Invasion to Alvarex Maun
Alvaro to Archeotech Laspistol
Archeotech Luminator to Astartes anti-plant grenade
Astartes boltgun to Baneblades
Banehammer to Beardy
Bearer of the Red Grail to Blade of Conquest
Blade of Decay to Bosphor
Boss to Cadian Sector
Cadian Shock Trooper to Chain Weapons
Chain axe to Clan
Clan-Company to Company Champion
Company Command Squad to Cuirass of Azariah
Cuirass of Sacrifice to Dardinus
Daren Parrwood to Deathmark
Deathmask of Ollanius to Digester-Macrobes
Digestion Pool to Duty's End (Short Story)
Duty's Honour to Energy Weapon
Energy Weapons to Fall of Leryer V
Fall of Macharius to Fist of Demetrius
Fist of Demetrius (Novel) to Fury of Deimos
Fury of Descent to Ghostfire Pollen
Ghostglaive to Great Hooligan of Kragfang
Great Khan to Hamath Kraatos
Hamiclar Vort to Hellbreak (Short Story)
Hellbringer Class Planetary Assault Ship to Horror (Daemon)
Horror (Tyranid) to Illuminati
Illustrians to Index Chaotica: Possessed
Index Chaotica: Possessed (Background Book) to J'hal Nectar
Jabbra to Kalf
Kaligar to Knight Champion of Macragge
Knight Commander to Laer
Laeran to Liar's Due (Short Story)
Lias Issodon to Lords of Wrath
Lords of decay to Malachite
Malai to Maw-Claws of Thyrax
Maw-fluke to Missile Pod
Missile Pods to Naberius
Naberus to Norn-Queen
Norn-Queens to Order of the Bloody Rose
Order of the Blue Robe to Palladius 2nd Armoured Regiment
Palladius 46th Armoured Regiment to Pintle-mounted
Pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber to Primarch
Primarch's Edge to Radiant Arrow
Radiant Way to Redemptionists
Redemptor Kyrinov to Ruinous Powers
Ruinous powers to Scarlet Feng
Scarn to Settler's Bane
Sevano Tomasin to Silver Towers of Tzeentch
Silvered Blade Shrine to Sons of Dorn (Novel)
Sons of Fenris to Spy-flies
Spy Mask to Stronos
Strybjorn Grimskull to Tallerian
Tallerians to Terror Ship
Terror Squad to The Gate
The Gates of Terra to The Trophy
The Trophy (Short Story) to Tomb Blade
Tomb Citadel to Typhoon missile launcher
Typhoon multiple missile launcher to Valor Crest
Valorous to Vivica Sautine
Vivisection Gage to Waaagh! Gorbad
Waaagh! Gorbag to Warrior of the Plains
Warriors Tempest to White Dwarf 398 (UK)
White Dwarf 399 (UK) to Xenos Vessel
Xenos World to “Raven Pattern” Shotgun
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