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"Iron Hand" Straken to Acheron
Acheron Class Heavy Cruiser to Amadeus Volkstein
Amalathian to Architect of Fate (Anthology)
Archites to Astral Blades
Astral Claws to Banner of Ithaka
Banner of Macragge to Belaeno
Belahaam to Blantar
Blasphemous Rune to Brains
Brakar to Cairn Class Tomb Ships
Caito Galenus to Champion of Khorne
Champion of Nurgle to Cleansing of Laeran
Cleansing of Menimshemash to Conquest of Galaspar
Conquest of Uttu Prime to Cultist
Cultists to Dark Eldar Jetbike
Dark Eldar Jetbikes to Deathwatch Keeper
Deathwatch Kill-marine to Disorder's Call
Dispersion Shield to Ecclesiarchy
Ecclesiarchy Quotes to Epic
Epic (Game) to Farness Beta
Farseer to Flayed
Flayed (Short Story) to Gallery (Bolt pistols)
Gallery (Boltguns) to Glavia
Glavian to Grey Knights Armory
Grey Knights Armoury to Harakoni 31st Warhawks
Harakoni Warhawks to Herald of Nurgle
Herald of Slaanesh to House Helmawr
House Heraclius to Imperial Armour Volumes (List)
Imperial Army to Inquisitor Ascendant II
Inquisitor Czevak to John Grammaticus
John Sibbick to Kayvaan Shrike: Shadow Stalker (Short Story)
Kazandus Lan to Koronus Passage
Koros to Laud Hailer
Laud Hailers to List of Daemon Princes
List of Daemonic Warbands to Lysander of Choripoli
Lysimachus Cestus to Marauder Destroyer
Marauder Vigilant to Menazoid Clasp
Menazoid Epsilon to Mordion 7th Regiment
Mordrak to Neil McIntosh
Neil Roberts to Ocularis Terribus
Oddboy to Ork Language
Ork Mine to Penal colony
Penitent to Pleasureseekers
Plebas Alessandro Rorken to Pulse Bomb Generator
Pulse Bombs to Raveners
Ravenlord to Rhetors
Rhino to Salamander (Novel)
Salamander (Novel Series) to Secondary Heart
Secondary heart to Shon'tu
Shon’tu to Skywhale
Slaanesh to Space Marines: Angels of Death (Anthology)
Space Marines: The Omnibus (Anthology) to Stone
Stone-Crusher to Sword of the High Marshals
Swordbearers of Stula to Technomagos
Technomandrites of Magistrakh to The Citadel Journal Presents: Freebooter
The Citadel of Titan to The Russ
The Sabbat Worlds Crusade to Tiamet
Tiber Achilus to True name
Trueborn to Urk
Urkanthos to Victor Corbella
Victorex Maxima to WD166
WD167 to Warp Crown
Warp Drive to White Dwarf 314 (UK)
White Dwarf 315 (UK) to XV-9
XV02 to “Raven Pattern” Shotgun
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