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"Iron Hand" Straken to Acid Spray
Acolyte to Amonther Numeriel
Amphion to Arian Vois
Arianhrod Esw Sweydyr to Attias
Attias the Untamed to Baston sector
Bastonbeil to Big Squiggoth
Big Trakk to Blood thirster
Bloodbathers to Brothers of the Snake (Novel)
Bruennhilde to Cassia
Cassian Dracos to Cheoljoo Lee
Cherub to Collectors' Guides
Collegia Titanica to Crossfire (Novel)
Crotalid to Daidin
Daiesthai to Death Mask
Death Mask of Sanguinius to Devourer (disambiguation)
Devourer Class Cruiser to Duke von Castellan
Dulan to Energy Drain
Energy Shield to Fallen Angels (Novel)
Fallen Phoenix to Flamebelcha
Flamer to Galaxy in Flames (Novel)
Gale of Truth to Glorianna Class Battleship
Glory of Gehenna to Grey Slayers
Grey Slayers Pack to Harlequins
Harleton "Harazzer" Payne to Hidden Library
Hidden One to Hunter-Killer Missiles
Hunter-Killer missile to Imperial Navy Vessels (List)
Imperial Navy Weaponry to Iron Fathers
Iron Fist Regiment to Kabal of the All-Seeing Eye
Kabal of the Baleful Gaze to Killfist
Killfrenzy to Kyrl Grimblood
Kyron to Lexicanum
Lexicanum permitted material to Lords of Mars (Novel)
Lords of Ruin to Malcador The Sigillite
Malcador the Sigilite to Medusa V
Medusa V (disambiguation) to Moloch
Moloch 182nd Rifles to Necromundan Giant Rats
Necromundan Spiders to Obliterator virus
Obliterators to Ork Empire of Octavius
Ork Empire of Orguk to Penitent witch
Penitents to Por'el T'au Yis'ten
Poretta system to Purgators
Purgatory to Reaper Autocannon
Reaper Flight to Rogal's Fist
Rogal Dorn to Sathash
Sathonyx to Serpent Shield
Serpentin to Simeon 38X
Simia Orichalcae to Sor Bakphal
Sorcerer to Staff of Tzeentch
Staff of Ulthamar to Summer campaign
Sun Rifle to Targeting Array
Targost to The Best of Hammer and Bolter: Volume Two
The Betrayal at Grief to The Plauge of Delphic
The Pleician Tome to Thunderer Siege Tank
Thunderers to Truan IX
True Death to Ursarax
Ursarkar Creed to Viktor LaHayn
Vilamus to WD316
WD317 to Warpflame Gargoyles
Warphead to Witchhunters
Witchunters to Zaraphiston
Zarathur to “Raven Pattern” Shotgun
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