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"Iron Hand" Straken to Achilus
Achilus (disambiguation) to Amistel Majoris
Amit to Argentor
Argentus' Fury to Atramentar
Atrementar to Basillius
Bastalek Grim to Big Bomm
Big Boss of Orguk to Blood Trinity
Blood and Fire (Novella) to Brotherhood of Dust
Brotherhood of Horned Darkness to Carnelian
Carnibales to Chapter War
Chapter War (Novel) to Codex Imperialis
Codex Lexicanum to Crimson Paladins
Crimson Path to Daemonic Heralds
Daemonic Mutation to Dead Cabal
Dead Fields to Destroyer Bodies
Destroyer Body to Dreah
Dreamer Unsleeping to Emperor's Storm
Emperor's Storm (Strike Cruiser) to Face-Eaters
Faces (Short Story) to First Siege of Perlia
First Sphere of Expansion to Fury of the Ancients
Fury’s Blade to Gidrim
Gift of Anupharis to Grendal-machine
Grendel to Hand Bow
Hand Cannon to Henry Zou
Hera's Wrath to House Ko'iron
House Korvath to Imperial Cruiser
Imperial Cruisers to Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
Inquisitorial retinue to Jouran 30th Dragoons Regiment
Jouran 327th Dragoons Regiment to Khajog Khan
Khalan-Ghol to Krieger 'Krash' Thrax
Krieger Thrax to Legio Manus Flameaus
Legio Metalica to Locust (Hive Fleet)
Lodius to Macro-weapon
Macro cannon to Master-crafted weapon
Master (Administratum) to Minervan Tank Legions
Minesweeper to Munitorum: Vulcan Mega Bolter
Munitorum: Warscythes to Nobs
Nobz to Order of the Argent Shroud
Order of the August Vigil to Pandorax
Pandorax (Novel) to Plague Drone
Plague Drone of Nurgle to Progenoid Gland
Progenoid Glands to Rangda
Ranger to Renegades
Renegades (Short Story) to Sadu’sen Daemons
Safehold to Season of Shadows (Short Story)
Seb Perbet to Shira Calpurnia Lucina
Shira Lucina Calpurnia to Slanneshi
Slasher Gargant to Space Wolves
Space Wolves (Novel Series) to Storm Lords (Titan Legion)
Storm Mantle to Sza
Szaeyr Deathwatch Crusade to Temaxia
Temba to The Devoured
The Divine Word to The Spear of Vulkan
The Speartip Alliance to Titus Valens
Tizca to Tylos Rubio
Tyloss Rubio to Valos Krin
Valour Crest to Void Shield
Void Spinner to Waaargh: Orks
Waagh to Wazdakka Gutsmek
Wazdakka Gutzmek to Wracks
Wraith to Zzap Knife
Zzap gun to “Raven Pattern” Shotgun
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