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"Iron Hand" Straken to Acid Blood
Acid Maw to Amon Harakht
Amon Tauromachian to Arguthrax
Arhathain to Attack Squig
Attack Squigs to Bastion Wars: The Omnibus
Bastion Wars (Novel Series) to Big Mek
Big Meks to Blood of Isha
Blood of Khaine to Brothers Penitent
Brothers of Darkness to Cartomancy
Carus Brom to Chem-Hunter of Messia
Chem-Hunters of Messia to Cold Trade (Short Story)
Colin Dixon to Cromaryn 898th Regiment
Crone to Daemonship
Daemonsword to Death Guard Armoury
Death Hawks to Devastator Squads
Devastator squad to Dropsite Massacre
Drugh to Endeavour Class Light Cruiser
Endeavour Light Cruiser to Fall of Orpheus
Fall of Rogue's Spire to Flakka Gun
Flakkatrakk to Galan
Galan V to Gland War Veterans
Gland Warrior to Grey Knights Librarian
Grey Knights Marine to Hardened Carapace
Hardened Veteran to Hesperus
Hestor Navarre to Hullghast
Human to Imperial Guard Wargear
Imperial Guard Weaponry to Iremn'ath
Iriass to Justicars (Chapter)
Justin Hill to Kill-Marine
Kill-Team to Kustom Blasta
Kustom Force Field to Lestrallio
Let The Galaxy Burn (Anthology) to Lord Solar
Lord Solar Macharius to Makari the Grot
Makenna VII to Maynarkh Dynasty
Maypax to Mitre Gulf
Miyamoto de Bergerac to Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub
Neandor to O'T'yra
O'Vesa to Ork Assault Boat
Ork Battleship to Pavonis
Pawns Of Chaos (Novel) to Plasma weapons
Plasmagun to Pulse Bomb Generator
Pulse Bombs to Raxos Civil War
Ray Harrison to Rite of Setesh
Rites of Passage (Short Story) to Sanctus Reach: Maledictus
Sanctus Reach: Maledictus (Novella) to Sentinel Squad
Sentinel Squadron to Sigillite
Sigismund to Sondheim V
Song of Entropy to Spy-flies
Spy Mask to Sturm
Sturm Pioneers 352nd Regiment to Tanith
Tanith 1st to Thaszar the Invincible
Thaxar Wars to The Lost Halo
The Lost Waaagh! to Thousand Sons Warcoven
Thracian to Treaty of Olympus
Treconandal to Unknown primarch
Unknown primarchs to Vestments of the Warp
Veteran to WD146
WD147 to Warp Crown
Warp Drive to White Minotaurs
White Panthers to Ygothlac Forest
Ylath to “Raven Pattern” Shotgun
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