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"Iron Hand" Straken to Achilus Crusade
Acid Blood to Amnaich
Amon to Argrax
Arguleon Veq to Attack Bikes
Attack Craft to Bastion Inviolate
Bastion Psykana to Big Gunz
Big Horn to Blood of Asaheim
Blood of Asaheim (Novel) to Brotherhood of the Phoenix
Brotherhood of the Storm to Carrack class Transport
Carrion Bats to Charnel Guard
Charnovokh Dynasty to Cognitae
Cognoscynths to Crimson Templars
Criol Fowst to Daemonicus Frateris
Daemonifuge to Death Company
Death Company Dreadnought to Deus Encarmine (Novel)
Deus Mechanicus to Drop-Trooper
Drop-pod to Emperor’s Wrath
Empire of the Severed to Falcon Grav Tank
Faldon Kise to Flacon
Flagellant Weapon to Gaius
Gaius (Ultramarines) to Gizhaum Gilbear
Gladiator Group 138 to Grey Knights (Novel Series)
Grey Knights (disambiguation) to Harbinger of Awakening
Harbinger of Despair to Heroes of The Space Marines
Heroes of the Space Marines to Howl of the Banshee (Audio Drama)
Howl of the Hearthworld to Imperial Guard Platoon
Imperial Guard Positions to Invocators
Inwit to Jungle world
Junior Officer to Khorne Berzerker
Khorne Berzerker Squad to Krusha Ball
Krusha Kannon to Leman Russ Executioners
Leman Russ Exterminator to Lord Corruptor
Lord Crull to Magogg
Magos to Matthew Farrer
Matthew Sprange to Missile Weapon
Missile Weapons to Narcotic
Narcotics to Null Zone
Null field matrices to Ordo Psykana
Ordo Redactus to Path of the Eldar (Omnibus)
Path of the Incubus to Plasma Drive
Plasma Drives to Psychic Scourge
Psychic Scream to Raven Sword
Raven wing to Rick Priestley
Rick Sardinha to Sameter
Sameter 9th Infantry to Segmentum Ultima
Segmentums to Siege Hammer
Siege Regiment to Sokhem Vithara
Sol to Spined Chaos Beast
Spinedorians to Strank
Stranski to Tallarn 193rd Armoured Regiment
Tallarn 229th to Terrax Guard
Terrias Null to The Harrowing
The Harvest of Chogros to The Wolf of Ash and Fire
The Wolf of Ash and Fire (Short Story) to Torpor
Torquemada Coteaz to Ulrik
Ulrik Grimfang to Veil War
Veil of Darkness to Vostroyan 27th First Born Regiment
Vostroyan 9th Firstborn Regiment to Warhammer 40,000 4th Edition Rulebook
Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook to White Dwarf 140 (UK)
White Dwarf 140 (US) to XV84
XV88 to “Raven Pattern” Shotgun
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