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"Iron Hand" Straken to Achilles
Achilus to Amberley Vail
Amberly Vail to Ard Boys
Ard Boyz to Asuryan
Asuryan's Chosen to Barbed Strangler
Barbed Thermotropic Vine to Bequin Trilogy
Berek Thunderfist to Blood Angels (disambiguation)
Blood Angels Armoury to Brimlock Dragoons
Brimlock Dragoons 17th Regiment to Canopus
Cape Wrath to Chaos Sorcerer Lord
Chaos Sorcerers to Codex: Eldar (3rd Edition)
Codex: Eldar (4th Edition) to Corvex
Corvidae to DX-11 Exploratory Drone
DX-11 Exploratory Drones to Dataslate: Be'lakor, the Dark Master
Dataslate: Be'lakor, the Dark Master (Background Book) to Deimos Pattern Vindicator
Deimos Pattern Whirlwind Scorpius to Doomseeker
Doomseeker (Audio Book) to Eldar Vyper Jetbike
Eldar Wargear to Exarch Armor
Exarch Armour to Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000
Final Liberation (game) to Forsarr Sector
Forsithe to Gehenna
Gehenna Campaign to Graf Toschenko
Graf Toshenko to Guns of Tanith (Novel)
Gunsight to Heavy stubber
Heavy weapons team to Holy Doctrinopolis
Holy Icon to Ichar IV
Ichor Cannon to Index Astartes: Centurions (Background Book)
Index Astartes: Chaplains to Isstvan
Isstvan III to Kaerls
Kage to Knarloc
Knarloc Rider to Lament of Mars
Lamentation to Liber daemonicum
Liberation Day (Short Story) to Lost Sons (Short Story)
Lost Souls to Malicant
Malice to Medusa V campaign
Medusa V regions to Mogdos Gilt-Toof
Mogrok to Necromunda
Necromunda: Outlanders to O'Shaserra
O'Shi'ur to Oriflame
Orikan to Path of the Renegade (Novel)
Path of the Seer to Plasma Destructor
Plasma Drive to Psychic Lance
Psychic Lash to Ratlings
Ratskin to Revenant
Revenant (Battle Barge) to Saint of Scintilla
Saints to Secret Order of Psykana
Sector to Shredder Mine
Shreddershard Beetle to Slaydo
Slayer of Worlds to Spaceborne chapter
Spaceship Battles to Storm Trooper Squads
Storm Trooper Strike Force to Szeras
Szobczak to Tembarong Road
Tembra Ridge to The Devoured
The Divine Word to The Spear of Macragge
The Spear of Vulkan to Tithe grade
Tithes to Two unknown legions
Tybalt Marr to Valiance
Valiant to Vitrian Dragoons
Vitriol to Waaagh! Grughakh
Waaagh! Grukk to Warsinger
Warsingers to White Dwarf 4 (2014)
White Dwarf 5 (2014) to Xurunt Frost Fathers
Xuthol to “Raven Pattern” Shotgun
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