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"Blackblade" Wood to Achernar Invasion
Acheron to Alveus Alpha Alpha Sextus
Amadeo to Archipelaga
Archite to Asterion Moloc
Asteroth to Banesword
Bang Bang Hammer to Beasts of Nurgle
Beati to Blade of Zeal
Blade of laeran to Boy
Boys to Cadre Fireblade
Cadrig Pelenas to Chalice Class Battle Cruiser
Chalice Class Battlecruiser to Clan Ungavarr
Clan Vurgaan to Concussion grenade
Condemnor Boltgun to Cult of Strife
Cult of Terror to Dark Apostle
Dark Apostle (Novel) to Deathwatch: Honour the Chapter
Deathwatch: Know No Fear to Diomedes
Diomedes' Grace to Eagle Pilot
Eagle Pilots to Enginseer
Enginseer Felicia Tayber to Faltornus
Fal’shia to Flame Falcons
Flame Weapon to Gaius
Gaius (Ultramarines) to Gift of Nurgle
Gift of Slaanesh to Greiss
Grenade to Hammer and Bolter 8
Hammer and Bolter 9 to Hellhammer cannon
Hellhound to Horus heresy books
Horus rising to Imperial Armour - Apocalypse 2nd Edition
Imperial Armour - Apocalypse II to Inferno pistol
Infernus to Jaresh
Jaric Phoros to Kariasche
Karis Venner to Known Members of the Blood Ravens
Known Members of the Dark Angels to Land Speeder Typhoon
Land Speeder Typhoons to Lieutenant-Colonel
Lieutenant-Commander to Lucellin Tyberius
Lucia to Mallich
Malodrax to Medusan Immortal
Medusan Immortals to Moerpho
Mogdos Gilt-Toof to Navigators
Navis Nobilite to Numinus City
Numitor to Ordo Astartes
Ordo Astra to Parosa
Paroxysm to Plague Tower
Plague Tower of Nurgle to Promethean Cult
Promethean Sigils to Ramiles Class Star Fort
Ramilies to Relictors
Relief of Baudenvost to Rynn's World (Novel)
Rynn's World Reclamation to Scourge the Heretic
Scourge the Heretic (Novel) to Shadow Weaver
Shadow Wolves to Sixty-Three Nineteen
Sixty-three nineteen to Soul Drinkers (Novel Series)
Soul Drinkers Omnibus (Novel) to Standard Template Construct
Standard Template Constructor to Summoner-Forged
Sun Rifle to Tarantula
Tarantula Sentry Gun to The Armour of Contempt (Novel)
The Armour of Selket to The Khan
The Killing Ground to Therion Cohort
Thermal Cannon to Toshenko
Totem of Subetai to Ulricus
Ulrik to Vault of Deep Night
Vault of Origins to Vorhalt
Vorhgad Bloodfang to Warboar
Warboss to Weylands
Wezn to Witness
Witness (Short Story) to Yuranthos
Yurk to “Raven Pattern” Shotgun
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