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Gaunt (Tyranid)

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The '''Termagant''' is the most numerous gaunt species. It is armed with a [[Fleshborer]]. The term "Termagant" is often used, in a broader sense, to mean any gaunt species that carries a ranged weapon symbiote.
There are many other sub-species of Gaunt which little is known, among them are: Deathgaunts, Hellgaunts, Nightgaunts, Terrorgaunts, Slashgaunts, Razorgants, Crucigants, Exegants, Malgants, Mortegaunts, Rendergants, Protogaunts, Pyrogaunts, Lashgaunts, Genogants and Toxigaunts.
image:Tyranid TermagantBrood.jpg|A brood of '''Termagants'''
image:Hormagaunt minis.jpg||A brood of '''Hormagaunts'''Deathgaunts|Hellgaunts|Nightgaunts|Terrorgaunts|Slashgaunts|Razorgants|Crucigants|Exegants|Malgants|Mortegaunts|Rendergants|Protogaunts|Pyrogaunts|Lashgaunts|Genogants|Toxigaunts

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