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!bgcolor=#2F2F2F|<h2><div style="color:#B59E80">Tyranid Portal</div></h2>
|'''"Across the heavens the flotilla of bio-ships stetched stretched out, impelled by instinct to hibernate again until new prey was found, new resources could be plundered. In their wake was left a bare rock orbiting a star, scoured of every organic particle, stripped of all but the most basic elements. Nothing was left of the farming world of Langosta III, there were no testaments to the humans who had once lived there. Now all that was left was an airless asteroid, the unmarked deathplace death place of three million people."''' - ''unattributed quote'' <sup>1</sup>
*[[Tyranid Genetics]] 2007.05.30 (SanchiTachi) (deleted)
*[[Bio-ships]] 2007.05.30 (SanchiTachi - consolidated article into [[Hive Fleet]])
* [[Hive Fleet]] 2007.05.29 (SanchiTachi)

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