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Gaunt (Tyranid)

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''Main article:'' [[Gargoyle]]<br>
'''Gargoyles''' are a subspecies species of gaunt that are are armed with a [[Fleshborer]]. They have also evolved a [[Biobio-plasma]] attack and wings.
''Main article:'' [[{{main|Hormagaunt]]<br>}}The '''HormaguntHormagaunt''' is a gaunt subspecies species that is armed with [[Scything Talon]]s. It has also evolved a remarkable leaping ability.
'''Spinegaunt''' - Gaunt subspecies species that is armed with [[Spinefist]]s.
{{main|Termagant}}The '''Termagant'Main article:'' [[Termagant]]<br>The Termagant is a the most numerous gaunt subspecies that species. It is armed with a [[Fleshborer]]. The term "Termagant" is often used, in a broader sense, to mean any gaunt subspecies species that carries a ranged weapon symbiote.

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