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Spoilpox Scrivener

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Spoilpox Scrivener

Spoilpox Scriveners are a type of Herald of Nurgle that are downright dour creatures when compared to the Plague God's other Daemons. It is their job to ensure that Plaguebearers meet their tallies, a job they accomplish by relentlessly browbeating and bullying their counterparts with a barrage of insults and commands. This causes the Plaguebearers to fight even harder and makes them a strategic lychpin in Nurgle's armies.[1]

Notable Spoilpox Scriveners

  • Drog'lar Slimeksin — Leader of Investus Tallyband which consist of seven Plaguebearer packs, three Beasts of Nurgle and was a part of the Septicus Legion. It was the Investus Tallyband that served Septicus as a vanguard on Iax. Its ranks of Plaguebearers formed around Drog'lar as he counted the initial symptoms of disease exhibited by the planet's defenders.[2]
  • Grizguttage — Leader of Shambling Horde Tallyband that consist of seven Plaguebearer packs, a Beast of Nurgle, a Soul Grinder and was a part of the Septicus Legion. With Dribwretch, a hulking Soul Grinder, supplying firepower, the infantry of the Shambling Horde advances into the thick of enemy fire.[2]