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Rogue Trader (Novel Series)

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The Rogue Trader series by Andy Hoare.
Cover ilustration by Clint Langley, ISBN 1-84416-375-X
Cover ilustration by Clint Langley, ISBN 1-84416-478-0 (10 numbers) or ISBN 978-1-84416-478-3 (13 numbers)

The Rogue Trader series, currently composed by Rogue Star and Star of Damocles, written by Andy Hoare is about a family of Rogue Traders. Operating on the Eastern Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum their sources of profit are shrinking as trade is slowly drying up, affected due unknown reasons. Desperate, Lucian Gerrit the patriarch of the family, together with his son and his daughter, each with his own vessel, turn to other means to make profit.


  • 1: Rogue Star by Andy Hoare
    • 1a: Chapter 1
    • 1b: Chapter 2
    • 1c: Chapter 3
    • 1d: Chapter 4
    • 1e: Chapter 5
    • 1f: Chapter 6
    • 1g: Chapter 7
    • 1h: Chapter 8
    • 1i: Chapter 9
    • 1j: Chapter 10
    • 1k: Chapter 11
    • 1l: Chapter 12
    • 1m: Chapter 13
    • 1n: Chapter 14