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Sternguard Veteran

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A Crimson Fists Sternguard Veteran.

The Sternguard are members of the 1st Company of a Space Marine Chapter. Their primary role is to cover a fighting retreat by the rest of a Space Marine force, holding the enemy at bay with their superior training and ranged weaponry.[2]


While every member of a Chapter's 1st Company are proficient in all manner of weaponry, Sternguard Veterans prefer ranged combat over close-quarter fighting.[1] Though occasionally armed with heavier weapons, such as Lascannons or Heavy Flamers, Sternguard Veterans prefer to use their Bolters, meticulously modified with enhanced scopes and specialised ammunition.[1] Sternguard Squads deploy wherever the battleline is most fierce, facing down the most impossible odds with icy calm and precise bursts of bolter fire. They are the image of what every Space Marine aspires to become, and the pinnacle of any Chapter's fighting force.[1] Though there is friendly rivalry with their counterpart Vanguard Veterans, such competition does not get in the way of their bonds in battle, and each will fight to the death for the other.[2]

Special Equipment

All Sternguard Veterans are equipped with extra kinds of specialised ammunition for use in battle. In addition to standard Bolter rounds they have access to:[2]


An Ultramarine Sternguard Veteran.[1]
An Ultramarines Sternguard Veteran Squad[3]
Sternguard Veteran Squad (6th Edition)