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Storm Trooper

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Storm Troopers are highly-trained shock troops forming an elite force within the Imperial Guard. They are trained to carry out special operations such as deep strike assaults, reconnaissance, and infiltration beyond enemy lines. Storm Troopers are the very best soldiers the Guard has to offer, being trained to the peak of human perfection, their combat skills are unmatched.[1]



A Storm Trooper in action.[1]

Storm Troopers form a single regiment, which is unique in that it is a permanent unit, receiving a constant influx of new recruits to keep it up to full strength. By virtue of its members having been recruited from the progena of the Schola Progenium, the regiment is made up of soldiers from worlds throughout the Imperium. With up to ten thousand men under arms at any one time, the regiment is also larger than most other regiments. However this huge force does not fight at a single place; individual companies or battalions are instead sent to war zones, and from there, individual Storm Trooper squads are spread among the other regiments as required.[1][2]

The Storm Trooper unit assigned to a warzone provides a core of elite squads, which are entrusted to carry out important missions requiring more training and initiative than possessed by the average Guardsman. Storm Trooper squads are effective at spearheading assaults into heavily fortified positions, infiltrating behind enemy lines and sowing confusion and panic. They are often dropped into the thick of combat from Valkyrie Assault Carriers, guns blazing before they even touch the ground.[1]

Storm Trooper recruits are chosen from the progena of the Schola Progenium, where they have been raised and educated, and molded into loyal and dedicated servants of the Emperor. They are then taught superior battle tactics and the use of more advanced equipment than the average Guardsmen.[1][5a] The training Storm Trooper progena receive begins after they have already completed their primary education, ensuring a well-rounded individual knowledgeable in Imperial lore and history as well as unwaveringly loyal to the Imperium, but on rare occasion a senior official (such as an Inquisitor) can use their authority to have a full-grown individual undergo Storm Trooper training. Such a selection usually happens only after some act of outstanding courage and dedication, along with whatever the senior official's own agenda happens to be, and such candidates are examined carefully by the Drill Abbots for developed martial skills, a deep faith in the Imperial Creed and a strong mind resistant to the horrors of the 41st Millennium. Even should the candidate already have years of combat experience they will be treated by the Drill Abbots no differently than if they were a new recruit, while the traditional progena will consider them as an outsider, granted the honour of training with them due only to their patron.[8]

The regiments to which the Storm Troop squads are attached often regard the inimitably-dedicated and better-equipped Storm Troopers with a certain amount of animosity, referring to them by such names as 'Glory Boys' and 'Big Toy Soldiers'. Regardless of the opinion of the average Guardsman, none who witness Storm Troopers in action can deny they are worthy of such titles.[1][5a]

Several regiments commonly employ Storm Troopers, such as:

In some rare instances, several squads of Storm Troopers will gather for a mission which is annihilation of target, rather than a take and hold. This task force is referred to as a Storm Trooper Strike Force.


The Storm Trooper's standard equipment is superior to regimental Guardsmen and includes carapace armour (superior to the standard flak armour in use by regimental Guardsmen) as well as the Hellgun, a higher powered lasgun which incorporates a targeter. They are equipped with both frag and krak grenades as well as the option to carry melta bombs, and can be issued special weapons including flamers, grenade launchers, meltaguns and plasma guns. Storm Trooper Sergeants have access to other advanced weapons, including power weapons, bolt weapons and plasma pistols. Other equipment receives depends upon the nature of their mission; for example if performing an aerial assault the Storm Troopers will deploy with grav-chutes, or they might ride into battle in a Chimera.[1][5]

Variations of Storm Troops


Cadian 8th Kasrkin Sergeant

Kasrkin are the elite of the already superior Cadian Shock Troops, dedicated utterly to the preservation and security of Cadia with an ethos of duty and honour both impressive and intimidating. Pronounced "Kas-er-kin", these elite soldiers are picked up while serving as Whiteshields in the Cadian Youth Armies, then sent to a number of military academies modeled on the Schola Progenium. More than a match for Imperial Storm Troopers, Kasrkin squads are allocated to Shock Trooper companies to provide a cutting edge in battle as well as conducting special operations.[9] Whereas the standard Storm Trooper is looked down upon in envy by Imperial Guardsmen, the standard Kasrkin is looked up to with favour, commonly amongst Cadian infantry and armoured regiments, for their cool-headed composure during combat.[4] They are the ultimate warrior to fight against the enemies of the Imperium (such as the forces of Chaos), and they lead the charge in the defense of Cadia. To be a Kasrkin is to hold a position of honour, and all Cadians recognize this.[Needs Citation]

While still storm troopers, Kasrkin operate with their own unique pattern of hellgun and carapace armour.


Although comparable to Storm Troopers, Grenadiers are fully part of their regiment, having been recruited into the regiment at the time of its creation along with the rest of the Guardsmen. Those individuals who prove themselves to be superior soldiers are given special training and equipment equal to that of Storm Troopers and formed into their own squads. Unlike Storm Troopers though, Grenadiers do not deep-strike or infiltrate, instead fighting alongside their fellow Guardsmen.[5b] Grenadiers often make up part of the ranks of the more elite and shock oriented regiments, most notably the Cadian Shock Troops and the Terrax Guard.[5c]

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers

Inquisitorial Stormtrooper miniature

The Inquisition maintains a number of fortresses throughout the galaxy, both secret and known to the inhabitants of the Imperium. The Inquisitorial Storm Troopers have the duty to protect and provide security to these fortresses and the Inquisitorial Black Ship; they are also often called upon to assist an Inquisitor on active assignment. They are recruited from the Schola Progenium as well as certain families with a tradition of service to the Inquisition. Their training and equipment is equal to the elite Storm Troopers of the Imperial Guard, furthermore they undergo rigorous purity and incorruptibility tests prior to their induction.[6][7]

Tempestus Scions

Tempestus Scions are elite shock troops of the Ordo Tempestus recruited from the Schola Progenium.

Known Storm Trooper companies



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