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Strike Cruiser

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Space Marine Strike Cruiser

Most Space Marine Chapters control only two or three mighty Battle Barges[1a] however these behemoths are called upon rarely. The Chapter's Strike Cruisers are more common although still rare compared to Imperial Navy ship classes but the arrival of a single Strike Cruiser is usually enough to quell a rebellious planet, the same cannot be said of an Imperial Navy Cruiser.


Strike Cruisers can carry up to one full company of Space Marines and their equipment. They are primarily used for rapid deployment and are often the first arrive in orbit of a threatened planet and capable of deploying their cargo within twenty minutes of said arrival.[1b]

The armament of a Strike Cruiser is comparable to that of a Imperial Navy Dauntless Light Cruiser. However the Strike Cruiser omits the lance weaponry in exchange for a mighty Bombardment Cannon. Additionally the Strike Cruiser has a flight deck for launching Thunderhawk Gunships.[1b]

Famous Strike Cruisers

Chapter Vessel Noteworthy Actions Current Status
Black Templars Dorn's Wrath[Needs Citation] Unknown Unknown
Ophidium Gulf[Needs Citation] Unknown Unknown
Blood Ravens Armageddon[6] Unknown Destroyed by Tyranid Hive Swarms over Typhon Primaris[6].
Rage of Erudition[Needs Citation] Unknown Unknown
Ravenous Spirit[Needs Citation] Unknown Unknown
Crimson Fists Vengeance Incandescent[11] Unknown Unknown
Dark Angels Angel of Caliban[15] Took part in the Relief of Rael's World[15] Unknown
Sword of Caliban[5] Vraks Campaign [5] Unknown
Salvation[5] Vraks Campaign [5] Unknown
Exorcists Captain Augusta[1b] Unknown Unknown
Eternal Defiance[1b] Unknown Unknown
Hunter[1b] Unknown Unknown
Flesh Tearers Victus[7] Unknown Unknown
Grey Knights Argent Sceptre[16] Unknown Unknown
Rubicon[7] Unknown Destroyed above Volcanis Ultor[7]
Imperial Fists Titus[1b] Unknown Unknown
Mortifactors Mortis Probati[9] Defense of Tarsis Ultra against Hive Fleet Leviathan[9] Unknown
Reclaimers Revenant[12] Unknown
Red Corsairs Wolf of Fenris[3] Captured from the Space Wolves Unknown
Red Talons Claw of Justice[1b] Unknown Unknown
Holy Execution[1b] Unknown Unknown
Space Wolves Claw of Russ[4] Unknown Unknown
Stormwolf[14] Unknown Unknown
Ultramarines Vae Victus[8] Pavonis Campaign, Defense of Tarsis Ultra against Hive Fleet Leviathan, Second Pavonis Campaign, Defense of Ultramar against M'kar the Reborn[10] Active
Valin's Revenge[2] Defense of Ultramar against M'kar the Reborn[10] Unknown
White Consuls Eternal Faith[1b] Unknown Unknown
Hermes[1b] Unknown Unknown


Ultramarines Strike Cruiser

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