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Brother Szobczak[1]

Szobczak is a famed Dreadnought of the Deathwatch.[1]


An ancient Dreadnought formerly of the Imperial Fists 5th Company, he originally hailed from a long-lost Forge World of the Gothic Sector that was consumed by Chaos invasion. He entered the Imperial Fists 10th Company as a Scout in late M34 where he served with distinction and demonstrated the ability to size up enemy strengths and weaknesses at the merest glance. He rose through the Imperial Fist Companies and was eventually sent to Mars to be trained as a Techmarine. After completing his training he became attached to the Imperial Fists' 5th Company and further distinguished himself by becoming known to keep wargear and equipment operational with only the most basic tools and spare parts. He served in this capacity for two centuries, coming to specialize in siege warfare.[1]

In early M35, Szobczak was seconded to the Deathwatch and took his Oath of Vigil. During his first mission he led a small Kill-team composed of Scouts and Techmarines renowned for their skills at infiltration and fortress-breaking. At the end of his tour of duty, Szobczak petitioned to be allowed for another as he felt his work was far from complete. He was granted his request and served three more Vigils, acting as an infiltrator and sapper until he was grievously wounded by Orks. However his experience and skill deemed him so important to the Deathwatch that he was interred in Dreadnought Armour.[1]

Having been a Dreadnought for many centuries, Szobczak has suffered from a degree of senility. While he can remember his early days in the Imperial Fists and Deathwatch, he remembers little to nothing of his time spent as a Dreadnought. He has since gone on to serve with the Deathwatch in the Jericho Reach.[1]


Brother Szobczak remembers his time with the Imperial Fists and his first Vigils with the Deathwatch well, but his memory of how he became entombed in a Dreadnought and any subsequent missions is extremely hazy and he remembers little to none of that time. He swims in the much clearer memories of his early days, finding parallels to them in almost everything, and is prone to ramble on about them whenever there is anyone to listen. However, he is cross-grained, gruff, and bitter, finding that things in the present never quite measure up to the standards he recalls from his youth, and will frequently comment to such effect. His temper is extremely short, often making "a mountain of a molehill" over the most banal of provocations, responding with sudden rage and potential violence, and is prone to get in shouting arguments with those he disagrees with.[1]

However, for all that Szboczak is intensely loyal, skilled in combat, and has an enormous breadth of experience.[1]


Brother Szobczak is an Ironclad Dreadnought, a rare chassis optimized for siege-breaking and brutal close-in work. He has the following weapons and equipment:[1]

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