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Forgefather T'kell during the Horus Heresy

T'kell was a legendary Forgemaster and first Forgefather of the Salamanders during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


T'kell trained on Mars as a Techmarine, rising to the rank of Forgemaster by the end of the Great Crusade.[3b] He was an unparalleled craftsman known throughout the Legion.[2]

At the time of the Drop Site Massacre, T'kell was named Forgefather and left behind on Prometheus with a small garrison of Firedrakes under orders from Vulkan to destroy the artefacts in the vault. However after pleas by the Forgefather, Vulkan agreed that T'kell could choose to save seven of the artefacts.[2] T'kell chose the Chalice of Fire, Engine of Woes, Eye of Vulkan, Obsidian Chariot, Song of Entropy, Spear of Vulkan, and Unbound Flame as the seven, destroying the remainder in the forges of the Chalice of Fire.[3a]

When Artellus Numeon returned Vulkan's body to Nocturne, the Forgefather gathered the garrison, known as the 'Unscarred', to accompany him to the Wrought, a weapons cache in which Vulkan had told him to seal the artefacts if he did not return from Isstvan V.[3b] Regulus, seeking to gain access to the Wrought, infected T'kell with malicious scrap-code that forced him to open the vault from within. To free himself, T'kell shot himself in the face with his plasma pistol, narrowly surviving.[3c] Awaking from a sus-an coma aboard the Iron Hands' Battle Barge Obstinate, T'kell deactivated the Keys of Hel, a forbidden machine that animated dead warriors as 'Revenants', before giving the order for the Chalice of Fire to destroy the ship with the Eye of Vulkan - while he was still aboard.[3d]