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Archon Tahril

Archon Tahril of the Kabal of the Black Heart is a Dark Eldar force leader.[1]

The Dark Eldar have an advantage over other races since they are using ancient webway gates and can access any other gate, meaning they can attack any race's stronghold in the few turns after beginning of the game. The base of operations here is at the edge of the system, on a moon called Lacunae orbiting Kaurava IV. Also located at his base is his master, the Kabal overlord Asdrubael Vect.

Tahril exhibits a more direct amount of arrogance even towards his own fellow Dark Eldar which both kinds of Eldar were known for, caring only to relish in the hunt rather than preparing for the enemy assault. He considers all the other commanders of the other factions to be fools save for Farseer Caerys and Lord Firaeveus Carron whose base is the closest to his. Tahril and all the Dark Eldar are fierce and most of their techniques are related to soul harvesting. Just like the Eldar, Tahril's forces use skimmers, instead of tanks.

As an Archon, Tahril can call on Incubi bodyguards, making him technically a command squad as opposed to a single commander, similar to the Imperial Guard hero. Tahril is unique among the other campaign commanders, as two of his wargear options are improvements for his bodyguards rather than himself.

Canon Ambiguities

If the Dark Eldar stronghold on Lacunae is destroyed, Vect's Dais of Destruction is destroyed, and Tahril flees into the webway, commenting that if were Vect to die, he should take Vect's place upon Vect's death. However it will seem unlikely as he will be tortured and eventually executed for his failure.

If defeated by Chaos, the Dark Eldar ironically find themselves in their own cages and torture devices, as the narrator puts it, "A just reward indeed, from the evil to the depraved". If defeated by the Orks, they are placed in the same cages, however the Orks, for sport, simply see how far they can throw the Dark Eldar in the low gravity.

If the other factions are defeated, the Dark Eldar began a massive orgy of bloodshed, destruction and pleasure by hunting or killing all of the civilians and surviving members of other factions, taking them as slaves or drinking their souls and leaving the Kaurava system almost lifeless.

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