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A few things I'd suggest:

  • "... one of the three [main] Ordos of the Inquisition ..." as there are others, such as Ordo Sicarius
  • According to current fluff, the Inquisition did not exist during the Emperor's mortal lifetime. Did he create the Ordo Xenos as some other sort of organization? That is possibly the most important item to source.
  • Note the Deathwatch specifically as their Chamber Militant


There are 2 statesments that contradics one another.

Ordo Xenos: The Ordo Xenos was set up by the Emperor shortly before the Great Crusade. The word xenos means alien.

Inquisition Portal: After the Ascension of the Emperor, the Ecclesiarchy and the Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition was established with two Ordos, the Ordo Malleus, and Ordo Xenos.

I'm not a big 40K expert. So I don't know which one is true. Anyone has a clue about this one. So we can correct the page(s)?

Unless someone can cite a source to the contrary, I don't believe the founding of the Ordo has ever been detailed - it is however believed that it was founded around the same time as the Ordo Malleus. I believe the page would be better changed to reflect this uncertainty. --Kaled 18:45, 28 January 2009 (GMT)

Speculation removed

There was a section that read:

  1. "Games Workshop has yet to release a Codex for the Deathwatch. Eventually, the Deathwatch may form part of an assumed Alienhunters Codex, in a similar way to the Sisters of Battle with the Witch Hunters and the Grey Knights with the Daemonhunters. Games Workshop has however released a few Deathwatch models and have also published unofficial rules on their official website."

I rewrote this as this is just speculation. I also specifically stated what deathwatch models are currently in circulation (conversion pack)