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Railguns in mark of the xenos

Source: pg 6

The primary weapon system carried by the Broadside is a twin railgun. This weapon is part of family that ranges from the manportable rail rifle carried by some Pathfinders, up to the huge rail cannon mounted on the Hammerhead tank. Even larger versions are possible, but most are static or mounted on superheavy flyers or star ships. The basic principle of the technology is well known to the Adeptus Mechanicus, but the Imperium has never been able to utilise it in a worthwhile form due to the myriad issues inherent in the operation of the weapon. In essence, a small, solid conductive projectile is propelled by an electrical current between two charged rails, achieving staggering velocity before leaving the barrel. Because the projectile is capable of achieving a velocity of anywhere between six and ten times the speed of sound, it generates a tremendous force when it strikes its target, far more in fact than an explosive charge of the same size ever could. Because the projectiles are so small, huge numbers can be carried and they can be fired over a very long range. The limitations of such technology relate to the staggering amount of power required to propel the projectile along the rail, and the dissipation of the heat generated by the process. The Tau appear to have implemented solutions to these problems, and many heretical types amongst the Adeptus Mechanicus would very much like to understand how