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Enclave Summary

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map unknown.jpg Name T'ros Unknown.jpg {{{Planetary Image Px}}}px
Expansion: Third
Location: Eastern Fringe Unknown.jpg
Colours: Unknown

Enclave Info

T'ros, formerly known as Taros, is the second of four planets orbiting the star at the centre of the Taros System and is an arid desert world.[1a]

The most recent Imperial records show a population of approximatly 12,000,000 Gue'vesa (humans) and abhumans.[1a]

The largest population density can be found in and around the city of Tarokeen.[1a]


T'ros was originally an Imperial mining world called Taros and was gradually annexed beginning in 978 M41[1b] and culminating in the events of the Taros Campaign. Based on the dates it is presumed to be a Tau Third Phase Expansion colony.[1c]

Taros Campaign

998 M41[1c] - The Taros Campaign pitched Imperial Forces against the Taros Planetary Defence Forces (PDF), the Tau, and their Kroot mercenary allies in an attempt to reclaim the planet in the name of the Emperor.[1d] This culminated in a large scale invasion including fleet actions within the Taros System[1e] however in the end Imperial forces were forced to retreat after suffering heavy losses.[1f]

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