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Taros Campaign

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Occurring in 998.M41[1a], precipitated by The Denab Incident[1b], the Taros Campaign pitched Imperial forces against the Taros Planetary Defence Forces, the Tau, and their Kroot mercenary allies in a series of battles over the planet Taros, known as T'ros to the Tau.[Needs Citation]


Prior to the campaign, Planetary Governor Aulis, head of the Taros government, developed friendly trading relations with the Tau, and sought to defect to the Tau Empire with the support of much of the planetary population.[1c]

When his treachery was unveiled, the Avenging Sons Space Marines were called upon to assassinate Governor Aulis in what was to be the First Taros Intervention. The Avenging Sons were unable to carry out the assignment after suffering tremendous losses including one Dreadnought at the hands of the Tau forces already assigned to protect the capital Tarokeen and the governor.[1d]

Following the assassination attempt the Tau officially annexed Taros while the Imperium gathered the 4621st Imperial Army to reclaim the planet.[1e]

A large scale invasion followed, including fleet actions within the Taros System[1f], however in the end Imperial forces were forced to retreat after suffering heavy losses including more than five complete Imperial Guard Regiments' worth of troops, one Warhound Titan and several Imperial Navy vessels.[1g]

Imperial Order of Battle

The Imperial Order of Battle consisted of[1h]:

Taros Intervention Force

4621st Imperial Army

X Corp

XI Corp

Adeptus Astartes

Imperial Navy

  • Fleet-Ground Liaison Teams: 5
  • Fighter Wings: 4 (83rd, 386th, 1002nd, 2774th)
  • Bomber Wings: 2 (501st, 2424th)
  • Tactical Wings: 1 (71st)

Total Air Assets: 78 (36 Thunderbolt Fighters, 24 Marauder Bombers, 18 Valkyries)

Adeptus Mechanicus

Legio Titanicus

Departmento Munitorium

  • Labour Corp: 2
  • Engineer Corp: 2
  • Supply Columns: 78

Officio Assassinorium

  • Agents: CLASSIFIED



  • Mortuary Teams: 16
  • Adeptus Archivists: 18
  • Statistician Teams: 42

Imperial Invasion Fleet

Capital Ships

Escort Squadrons


  • Armed Transport Imperius Javelin
  • Armed Transport Imperius Gauntlet
  • Armed Transport Imperius Anvil
  • 'Armed Transport 'Graf Derzki
  • Transport Prince Maud
  • Transport Marcouf
  • Transport Saint Macree
  • Transport Isolde
  • Transport Son of Jucha
  • Heavy Transport Colossia
  • Heavy Transport Piety
  • Heavy Transport Kagul
  • Heavy Tanker Empress of Svedeg
  • Behemoth Class Titan Transport Honorous Rex

Tau Order of Battle

The Tau Order of Battle consisted of[1g]:

Tau Fire Caste Army

Air Caste Contingent

Taros Planetary Defence Forces

  • Over 8,000 soldiers

Tarosian Mining Work Gangs

Tau Fleet

Capital Ships