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Tartella System

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The Tartella System is a System of Imperial space that lies between the Realm of Ultramar and the Chaos God Nurgle's Scourge Stars empire.[1]


During its history of being controlled by the Imperium, Tartella was among the many Systems that suffered a Daemon invasion during the Blood Storms, but its worlds were later saved by the Ultramarines Chapter[2a]. It once again suffered a Daemon invasion during the last years of the Plague Wars, when the Nurgle hordes led by the Great Unclean One Ku'gath ravaged the System, before leaving to invade the Ultramar world Iax[1]. In the aftermath of the Plague Wars the System remained in the hands of Daemons, but it has now became a target for the Ultramarines' Vengeance Campaigns. Due to the efforts of the Chapter and their allies, three of the seven worlds held by Daemons in the Tartella System, have been freed so far.[2b]