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Tetrarch of Ultramar

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Tetrarch of Ultramar[1b]) was a rank used by the Ultramarines during the Great Crusade.[1a]


At the time of the Battle of Calth, there were four Tetrarchs, each of whom governed one of the four master worlds of Ultramar - Saramanth, Konor, Occluda, and Iax - holding dominion over a sector of the Five Hundred Worlds of Ultramar. As such, the Tetrarchs answered directly to Lord Guilliman, and outranked both the Chapter Masters of the XIII Legion and the Planetary Governors of Ultramar's individual worlds (a rank similar to the sector governors appointed during the latter years of the Imperium).[1a]

Ten thousand years later in M42 following the resurrection of Guilliman. The Primarch reinstated the position of Tetrarch to oversee the vastly enlarged Ultramar.[3]

Known Tetrarchs


Modern era

Background Information

Tetrarchy is derived from the ancient Greek term for "leadership of four" and is most commonly used to refer to the system of four co-Emperors instituted by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in AD 293.