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Blood Angels (Novel Series)

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The Blood Angels Series are novels written by James Swallow that follow the adventures of Blood Angels Space Marine, Rafen.

Books in the Series


Novel Summaries

Rafen, a Space Marine of the Blood Angels, is torn between his loyalty to his chapter and that of his blood-brother Arkio. As his brother Arkio is proclaimed the reincarnation of the Lord Primogenitor Sanguinius all give fealty to the Reborn Angel. All except Rafen, that is. Inquisitor Remius Stele, a servant of Chaos, manipulates the situation to cause a schism in the Chapter. From the Blood Angels' home world of Baal comes the ruthless Lord of Death, Mephiston, sent forth by Chapter Master Dante to investigate and to judge, and he isn't known for his sense of mercy.

Rafen continues his struggle against his brother Arkio, pitching blood-brother against blood-brother, with only one final outcome. As the saga moves towards its final and bloody conclusion at the memorial world of Sabien, the Blood Angels' world is turned upside down as Battle Brothers fight one another alongside a most unexpected ally - the hated forces of Chaos! After Arkio and his Loyalist Space Marines learn of the perfidy of Chaos Agent and Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Remius Stele they must try and comprehend the awful realization that they have been duped, turned into unwitting Chaos pawns in a game designed to take their very souls. Have they already stepped over the edge or can Rafen pull them black from the black abyss?

The Blood Angels teeter on the brink of oblivion following the events on the shrine world, Sabien; their fate lies within the hands and magnanimity of their successor Chapters. To stop things from getting out of control, Rafen must use all of his diplomacy to keep the peace between his men and his cousins of the Flesh Tearers Space Marine chapter. Yet, in the background and unbeknown to all, an old foe plots the downfall of the Blood Angels.

With the precious blood of Sanguinius stolen and their home world struck by an insidious foe, Rafen is charged with a mission: Hunt down Fabius Bile, execute him, and recover the lost heirloom.

Short Story Summaries

Blood Debt

by James Swallow

Inquisitor Ramius Stele is desperate to escape a world being consumed by the dread forces of Chaos. As the corrupting influence of the Ruinous Powers threatens to consume his soul, salvation arrives in the form of Captain Erasmus Tycho and the Blood Angels. But Stele is hiding a deadly secret, and if the Blood Angels discover it, his life – and soul – will be forfeit. How far will the inquisitor go to hide the truth?


by James Swallow

In the aftermath of the events of Deus Sanguinius, the newly-promoted Sergeant Rafen returns to Baal, and insists on accompanying the Spear of Telesto to its resting place in the Regio Quinquaginta-Unus the Blood Angels' Armoury, located at some distance from the main fortress-monastery.

While there, Rafen is accosted by High Chaplain Astorath, who knows all that has happened to Rafen, and suspects him of succumbing to the Black Rage - especially since the Spear, originally possessed by Sanguinius, responds to The Flaw, and it did so for Rafen on Sabien. Under the pretense of a renewed Word Bearers assault on the Regio, Astorath lures Rafen to a remote part of the facility, then attacks him. Rafen defends himself, refusing to give in to the Rage.

Astorath goads him, but Rafen remains calm, casting aside his weapons and saying that, if Astorath kills him now, he will not be putting down a Battle-brother lost to the Rage, but committing cold-blooded murder of a loyal Angel. Astorath stays his hand, and departs the Regio, giving Rafen leave to rejoin the Chapter. Before leaving, however, he sadly warns Rafen that the High Chaplain has sensed the Rage in him, and one day Rafen will inevitably fall to it.


by James Swallow

Blood Angel Sergeant Rafen is on the verge of death, torn apart by a raging torrent within him – the raw power of the blood of Sanguinius. His only hope of survival lies within the Chapter sarcophagi, where his physical wounds may heal. But another battle entirely is being fought – within his mind, Rafen must fight for his very soul. In the strange landscape of his subconscious, he must overcome shadowy enemies and delve deep into his strength and courage if he is to ever return to the Chapter. There he will come face to face with the past of the Blood Angels and the dark history that shook the universe ten millennia before.

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