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The Carnac Campaign: Nightspear (Short Story)

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The Carnac Campaign: Nightspear
Cover art
Author Joe Parrino
Publisher Black Library
Followed by The Carnac Campaign: Sky Hunter (Short Story)
Released June 2013
Editions 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782510444

The Carnac Campaign: Nightspear is a short story by Joe Parrino, published online in June 2013, part of a three-part series celebrating the release of Codex: Eldar (6th Edition).

Cover Description

The dread forces of the necrons have descended upon the Maiden World of Carnac. Led by Anrakyr the Traveller, the deathless hordes march across the verdant plains of the eldar world, bringing death to all in their path. In desperation, the seers of Alaitoc send Illic Nightspear and his pathfinders to kill the Necron Overlord and end the invasion at a single stroke. But Anrakyr's allies have clouded the skeins of fate and Illic's band of rangers find themselves not the hunters, but the prey...

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