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The Citadel Journal 5

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The Citadel Journal Issue 5
Citadel journal 5 cover.jpg
Editor(s) Ian Pickstock,
Gavin Thorpe
Released 1994
Preceded by The Citadel Journal 4
Followed by The Citadel Journal 6

Issue 5 of The Citadel Journal was published in 1994.


The magazine contains background articles, modelling advice and rules for:

Space Hulk

Space Marine

Warhammer Fantasy Battles & Mighty Empires

  • An overview of the contents for Warhammmer Fantasy Battles and Mighty Empires can be found here.

Lexicanum disclaimer

The Citadel Journal, Fanatic Magazine and similar out-of-print hobby magazines regularly included articles submitted by hobbyists. These may be in contradiction to established background. Articles in the Lexicanum, based on content from these magazines are marked with the following disclaimer:

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