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The Dust War

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The Dust War was a battle between the Death Guard and the Ork Empire of Octarius in the Urgorn Dust Cloud, during 620.M39. The Dust Cloud was a vast asteroid field covered in clouds, that was situated on the edges of Octarius's domain and contained Space Hulks and scrap-fortresses used by the Empire's Orks. These became instant death traps during the War, when the Terminus Est entered the battle and infected their atmospheres with billions of its Warp-flies. The flies chocked millions of Orks to death with their tiny bodies, but it was still not enough to end the War. Despite the massive causalities the Empire of Octarius suffered, The Dust War continued to rage on for months; as hordes of Orks from the Empire's domains flooded the Dust Cloud, seeking to have a good fight with the Death Guard.[1]