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The Pyre

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The Pyre are a Chaos Space Marine warband.

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- The Pyre -
Chaos dedication: Unknown
Colours: Orange with Black Trims
Strength: Unknown


Chaos Space Marines wearing the insignias of the Pyre warband were first observed near the Eye of Terror in 131.M41. There are no confirmed records of encounters with the warband prior to this time. Munitorum analysts have not been able to determine if the Pyre splintered from another known warband, or if they were assembled from fragments of several different groups.[1]

Since that time, units wearing modified version of Pyre wargear have been observed on several occasions. There are no indications that this warband has sworn fealty to any specific god of Chaos. Rather, they have been seen to coordinate their battles with servants of all the dark gods, which have included daemonic and cultist elements.[1]

The Pyre warband is known to favour short-range combat, especially in urban environments. While capable in melee situations and extended range engagements, their devotion to flame weapons often dictates their tactics. They generally eschew assault and fire support elements. Rather, they focus on movement through cover until they can attack with eldritch fire.[1]

The Pyre's forces have played prominent roles in several actions, particularly in the Vanity system. Oddly, though, no higher ranking members of this warband have been positively identified. Instead, these traitors have been seen in the company of Warp creatures and the Stigmartus. Also of note is that Pyre units have not been observed working directly with Chaos Space Marines of other warbands.[1]

The Achilus Crusade has faced several strike cruisers and a battle barge that bore the markings of the Pyre. These vessels were seen in the Vanity and Magog systems, along with company-sized deployments of Pyre forces. The number of craft suggests that there are at least several companies of the Traitor Space Marines active in the Jericho Reach, but the Crusade has not encountered any deployments of that size. This could mean that the Pyre’s elements are spread throughout the Salient, are being held largely in reserve, or that they are sharing their vessels with other elements as evidenced by the known deployments.[1]

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