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Scouring of Makenna VII

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The Scouring of Makenna VII was the conquest and enslavement of the Imperial Mining World of Makenna VII by the Chaos Lord Davroth in M41.[1]


Davroth intended to overrun the planet to secure its valuable mining resources, using them as a bargaining chip to gain powerful Chaos Titans from Abaddon the Despoiler in order to fuel his own wars against rival Chaos warlords. Davroth gained many allies for this task including those from the Alpha Legion, Death Guard, Abrial's Claw, World Eaters, and others.[1]

In the years preceding the battle, Alpha Legion operative Roek Ghulclaw would slowly infiltrate the planet's PDF officers corps, stoking their feelings of inequality with regards to Imperial Guard commanders. The operation was carried out by General Andol, an agent of Ghulclaw. The result was that by the time Davroth's fleet arrived at Makenna VII, the officers were already leading the PDF to overthrow the pro-Imperial Planetary Governor. The deceived officers saw this man as an unjust dictator.[1]

With the planet in chaos, Davroth's assault began. The first full assault was launched by Bazrak the Frothing's World Eaters, who plunged themselves at Mekenna VII's capital. The rest of Davroth's army quickly followed, sewing devastation. Finally, a Daemonic legion commanded by Daemon Prince Zhan'naoshdaerg'gan was drawn to the planet's cries of terror and dread. The Daemonic horde surged through a Warp rift and the planet was overrun.[1]

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