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The Undying

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The Undying is the title given to the Necron Phaeron most famous for leading Necron forces in the Damnos Incident.[1]

During the battle, Ultramarines Captain Cato Sicarius himself led the charge against The Undying and a cell of Immortals. Though Sicarius was felled by the Lord's warscythe, his Command Squad refused to break and protected their Captain, while Venerable Dreadnought Agrippan stepped in and smashed through the remaining Immortals, before destroying the Necron Lord with a single blow from his Power fist.[3]

Sometime later, The Undying was encountered on Tanakreg by the Word Bearers during their invasion of the planet. It came into conflict with Marduk after killing the Dark Apostle Jarulek, with Marduk stealing its artifact known as the Nexus Arrangement.[5] The Undying recovered from its battle with Marduk and hounded the Dark Apostle for the Nexus Arrangement, nearly recapturing it in the Battle of the Boros Gate before it was destroyed.[6]

In 999.M41 The Undying was destroyed by Cato Sicarius and the 2nd Company when they reclaimed Damnos for the Imperium.[4]