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Tilvius was an Adeptus Mechanicus Chief Artisan during M36 who discovered the STC design for the Razorback, a variant of the Rhino armoured carrier.[1]

Tilvius discovered the Razorback design during a quest to locate a rumoured functional STC system. He travelled to many planets but after three centuries he had still not located the STC. He returned to his home world of Mars an old man, however, his search was not wholly fruitless. He managed to discover an STC print-out for a previously unknown vehicle, the Razorback. The Razorback is a variant of the Rhino, giving the vehicle heavier firepower at the expense of reduced transport space. It is currently used in support of other Rhinos. The Adeptus Mechanicus quickly put the new vehicle into production. The Razorback is now a standard vehicle throughout the Space Marine chapters.[1]

But Tilvius is said to have been searching for something more; and it is even said by some that he found it. For many millennia, the disciples of the Technoarchaeologist, Archon Land, of which Tilvius was a senior member, have researched the many potential STC variants of their master's greatest discovery: the Land Raider. Their research has led to such innovations as the Prometheus and Helios pattern Land Raider variants. The inner circle of Land’s descendants are said to have found evidence of a previously unknown armoured vehicle, one that bridges the gap between the comparatively light Predator, and the heavy assault vehicle that is the Land Raider. This evidence is said to lie within the very blueprint of the vehicles themselves; Tilvius and his brethren had discovered compatibilities and in-built system redundancies on a microscopic scale that could only be explained by the existence of a 'missing link'. The disciples of Land had essentially decoded the electronic 'genome' of the STC template: now all that remained was to prove such a vehicle exists. Their search has become the life's work of many, but these obsessive Tech-Priests are viewed by their fellows as little more than madmen.[2]