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Titanicus (Novel)

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Cover art by Karl and Stephan Kopinski
Author Dan Abnett
Publisher Black Library
Released October 2008
Pages 400 (hardcover)
608 (softcover)
Editions 2008 hardcover:
ISBN 9781844166619

2009 softcover:
ISBN 9781844167845

2011 ebook:
ISBN 9780857870490

Titanicus is a novel written by Dan Abnett featuring the Legio Invicta Titan Legion. It was first published in 2008.

The novel was selected by Chris Wraight in May 2014 as part of Black Library's "Author's Choice" marathon.[1]

Plot Summary

The Forge World of Orestes comes under attack by a legion of Chaos Titans, and enlists the aid of Titan Legio Invicta led by their Princeps Maximus, Pietor Gearhart. During the war, a revelation about the Emperor comes to light, which threatens to splinter the fragile union between the Imperium and the Mechanicum forever.

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