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Titanicus Rex

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The Titanicus Rex, is a gunship frigate and the fastest and most venerable of the Grey Knights' fleet currently berthed at the Inquisition substation Ramugan. Under the command of the Grey Knights Brother-Captain Mordia, the ship was sent by the Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord Aurelius, to investigate a warp disturbance in the Circuitrine Nebula near the Eye of Terror.[1a]

Once there they traveled through the warp disturbance, until they arrived at an asteroid blocking their path. Unknown to Mordia the asteroid held the warp portal to the Dark Eldar planet Hesperax. The Deathwatch frigate Lance of Darkness, bearing a Kill Team, emerged through the portal outrunning the destruction of Hesperax, behind them. The explosion destroyed the portal and damaged the Titanicus Rex, but the warp disturbance had dissipated.[1b]