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Torris Vaun

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Torris Vaun was a rogue psyker from the planet Neva.


This page contains spoilers for: Faith and Fire (Novel)

As a young child, Vaun developed prodigious psychic powers, specializing in pyrokinesis. Word of his abilities led to his being denounced by the Priest of his hometown's local church; Vaun retaliated by burning the church down, with the Priest inside.

Word of this atrocity reached Arch-Confessor Viktor LaHayn of the governing Ecclesiarchy, who secretly recruited psykers from Neva's population. At their first meeting, Vaun found LaHayn charismatic and paternalistic, and warmed to him - to his later regret.

Vaun was imprisoned inside the Null Keep, a secret fortress on Neva staffed by LaHayn's acolytes, where individuals with psychic ability were experimented on and trained to use their abilities. Vaun became a protege of LaHayn, who eventually used him as an assassin in his various schemes. At first, Vaun enjoyed using his abilities in LaHayn's service, but eventually realized that he was a slave and escaped. LaHayn demanded his recapture, ostensibly to punish him for his many crimes on Neva.

Apprehended by the Adepta Sororitas, Vaun was escorted back to Neva by Celestian Miriya's squad, where his execution was supposed to be the highlight of the annual Blessing of the Wound festival.

Before their arrival, however, Vaun broke out with the help of mutinous naval crewman who had been corrupted by one of LaHayn's rivals, Baron Holt Sherring. During his escape, Vaun subdued and murdered Sister Lethe Catena.[1a]

Recruiting several other rogue psykers, Vaun unleashed havoc on Neva, with two goals in mind: revenge on LaHayn, and returning to the Null Keep, to mount the "psychic engine" inside. Because of psychic blocks on his mind, he was unable to remember the location of the Keep himself, but tracked it down with the help of Baron Sherring.

Captured again by Miriya's squad, he tricked them into taking him to the Null Keep himself, promising to show them proof of LaHayn's heresy. Once inside the Keep, he released the other prisoners from their cells, creating a diversion that allowed him to enter the chamber where the psychic engine was kept.

LaHayn confronted him there, but Vaun threw him aside and mounted the engine. At that moment, LaHayn laughed, telling Vaun that every move he had made had been at LaHayn's will - the engine would not imbue Vaun with any new psychic powers, but it needed a psyker of his power to "spark" its ignition. Realizing he had been duped, Vaun furiously tried to overpower and destroy the engine from within. Vexed, LaHayn drew a custom psycannon he kept as a back-up weapon, and shot Vaun through the head - a fairly unglamorous death for such a flamboyant and powerful person.