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Tutelaries were daemons[2] bound to many psykers of the Thousand Sons Legion as spell familiars during the Great Crusade.[1a]


Tutelaries were first used by the Thousand Sons nearly a century before the end of the Great Crusade. Originally believed to be fragments of the Primordial Creator given form by the will of individuals to whom they were bound, they were normally invisible to non-psykers.[1a]

A Tutelary's link with their master helped enhance the use of their psychic powers a hundredfold,[1f] and the Thousand Sons used them for all manner of tasks, from something as mundane as cleaning their bolters[1d] to assisting them in psychic surveys of the Aether.[1a] Othere Wyrdmake of the Space Wolves was shocked when introduced to the use of Tutelaries, and Fenrisian wolves became aggressive in their presence.[1d]

During the Battle of Prospero, the true nature of the Tutelaries was revealed as they attacked the Space Wolves with gleeful spite[1e], and Dtoaa devouring its master Phael Toron when he lost control.[1g] Some of the Thousand Sons remained bound to their Tutelaries and continued to use them after the Horus Heresy.[2]

When Ahriman's party first witnessed the yokai robots of the Torquetum, Sanakht believed that they were powered by entities similar to their tutelaries. When Lucius questioned what they were, Menkaura explained that they were warp entities that they mistakenly thought were there to help them but turned on them when the Space Wolves attacked Prospero. Lucius was not surprised, describing them akin to a wolf that cannot be tamed.[4]

Known Tutelaries