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Tziz Jarek

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Tziz Jarek was a Callidus assassin of the Officio Assassinorum during the Wars of Vindication in M36.[1]


As an agent of the mad Master of the Administratum and Ecclesiarch Goge Vandire within the Officio, Jarek was assigned by Vandire shortly before his death to assassinate the Grand Master of Assassins and use the shape-shifting properties of Polymorphine to take his place. This would put one of Vandire's puppets at the head of yet another Imperial organization. However, the Grand Master had anticipated such a move and the individual that Jarek slew was an identical double, unbeknownst to Jarek the true Grand Master had survived. Gathering those assassins still loyal to him, the Grand Master stormed the Assassin Temple and Imperial Palace on Terra, eventually personally slaying Jarek after a bloody battle.[1]