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Ultima Squad

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Ultima Squad aboard the Ultramarines Strike Cruiser (top) and Ultima Squad and Apothecary Pythol (bottom)

Ultima Squad were members of the Ultramarines Chapter's 2nd Company during its mission to Algol[1] and Mithron.[2]


The original members of the Ultima Squad were killed in a Tyranid attack that took place in the underhives on Algol. While the fight continued, Captain Severus received an urgent distress call from the 5th Company of the Imperial Fists garrisoned on the Imperial Shrine World Mithron.[1]

Being short of combat ready resources, he promoted ten Scouts from Initiates to fully fledged Space Marines. These ten Battle-Brothers then were given the name Ultima Squad and accompanied him on the rescue mission to Mithron.[1]

Squad Members