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I've been follower of Gamesworkshop genre more that 15 years now. I started collecting one Chaos fantasy battles army with the friend who showed me the game. That was my first (that and second I sold them) and now I'm on my third. This I'm working on since 2008 I consider it complete about a couple of years ago. I just put an eye on the new publications released to join my modest library and wish I would got time to spend on painting more that a half of the miniatures I gathered along this last ten years. I've felt quite singular emotions when I was a young boy and still feel them when I do nowadays. This portal has been, with others, a good way to search for information, and always I got to explain how my hobby is about I end with a reference to this place. It's a pity there is no translations to my language, spanish, but I understand it also. I don't keep in touch with any other fan in my city, actually I lost my interest on the fantasy mode due in someway to the community (almost mad kids). When I migrate to Warhammer 40,000 I knew I had found something for life. Nowadays, as I said, I don't got any relation with the community in my city, don't even spend an € in the shops here. Just read on my own and dream. Love to paint but I've been about a year with all cut. Will take it soon again anyway. Would love to register with you, I don't use my english much, but I would help very pleased in whatever I can to give this page to the spanish-speaker world.