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Valerius (Audio Drama)

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2drones.gif This article is about the Audio Drama; for the Vice-Caesari of the Therion Cohort, see Marcus Valerius
Cover art
Author Gav Thorpe
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Released December 2016
Collected in Heralds of the Siege

"Valerius" is an audio drama in The Horus Heresy series written by Gav Thorpe. It was published online on 16 December 2016 as Day 16 of Advent 2016. It is performed by Gareth Armstrong, John Banks, Ian Brooker, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Saul Reichlin,Toby Longworth and Luis Soto.

Cover Description

The loyal men and women of the Therion Cohort follow their commander's holy visions.

Sent by Corax to the great slaughter at Beta-Garmon, Marcus Valerius fears the end is nigh. Guided by visions from the God-Emperor, can he lead the Therion Cohort back to victory?

Though he knows such beliefs are forbidden, Vice-Caesari Marcus Valerius of the Therion Cohort is willing to lay down his life in service to the immortal God-Emperor, for the good of all mankind. Sent by Corax to the great slaughter at Beta-Garmon, every last one of the Imperial Army soldiers under his command knows that the end is nigh - but can Valerius' holy visions guide them to one final victory over the hordes of the hated Arch-traitor?


  • "Valerius" (Audio Drama)

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